Why Is Accreditation Important?

Why is BABCP Accreditation, important?

BABCP Accreditation, is the CBT Gold Standard, a vital marker identifying good quality CBT therapists.

Why Insist Your CBT Therapist has BABCP Accreditation?

The BABCP is the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapists, the lead organisation for the theory, practice and development of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the UK. It signals the gold standard of expertise of a CBT Therapist and the CBT quality. Any counsellor, psychotherapist or CBT therapist can be a BABCP member but achieving accreditation with the BABCP demonstrates that the CBT therapist has met the stringent criteria around qualifications and clinical experience.

The UK Regulation of CBT Therapists:

Finding your qualified expert CBT therapist in the UK requires some thought because counselling and psychotherapy are unregulated professions. This means anyone can identify themselves and advertise services as a CBT Therapist, not even requiring a one day CBT workshop or ongoing CBT supervision.

BABCP Accreditation is the highest gold standard that a CBT psychotherapist can achieve.