Example of Psychotherapy - David Williams, MA, Dip. Psych.David Williams, MA, Dip. Psych.

Example of Psychotherapy

I will give you a  warm welcome and will try my hardest to make you feel comfortable upon arrival. I will then (if you don’t already know) explain how counselling/therapy works, again in order to help you settle in and feel as comfortable as possible. I will then ask you to share your problem/s which will enable me to describe how I will be able to help you. We would also discuss what you would like to get from counselling/therapy and set goals to keep us focused and on-track. My aim is to help you reach your goals and leave counselling/therapy as soon as possible.

I would regularly review progress and find out if you’re getting what you need from counselling/therapy – I encourage an open and honest therapeutic relationship and do my best to make sure you feel safe to be open and honest. Being able to be fully expressive in a safe enough environment can feel liberating.

I take a warm, non-judgemental and collaborative approach. I let you take the lead, but I keep an eye on your goals for counselling/therapy, to make sure we don’t waste your time and reach a point where you feel ready to cease counselling/therapy as soon as you feel ready.

In the final phase of counselling/therapy, I will help you to take away a synopsis of the work covered and an onward plan to help you keep on-track, post counselling/therapy.






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